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As we move through and into our flu season, I thought we should address the dog version. There are several similarities as well as differences between our version and our canine companions’ disease.

Like the human strains, canine influenza is highly contagious and most...

21 Jan 2020

Does your dog destroy their toys? Well, ours do too, so we had Willow test out some of the toughest toys to help you when deciding on your pet's next toy. Willow is our Practice Manager, Lynnea's dog and for years she has searched for some heavy-duty toys that can with...

15 Jan 2020

As the Days get shorter and colder your pet could suffer a serious health issue if you fail to follow these 6 cold weather safety tips.

1) Know your pet's limits

Many factors can affect your pet's ability to withstand cold weather; such as age, hair coat type and length,...