5 fun and unusual patients we have treated here at UVCC in the past 12 months

March 4, 2020

Luna the Topeka Zoo skunk

Luna has come in for several acupuncture treatments with Dr. Jennifer Akers. As Luna ages the acupuncture treatments have aided greatly in preventing and reducing osteoarthritis.


Barry the clinic lobby fish

Barry is one of our famous lobby fish! Our doctors have been monitoring him for some time because he started forming a small mass that grew very large very quickly.

Thanks to Dr. Amy Guernsey it has been removed and he seems to be doing much better now.



Billy Ray the chicken

Billy Ray chicken says "I'm gonna take my chicken to the old town road!" Billy Ray came in for a beak trim and alignment correction. When a bird beak begins to grow abnormally it is vital to have it corrected quickly or it may cause lasting damage.



The Cotton Patch goose

This is Lucy, she is a Cotton Patch goose, they are a critically endangered domesticated goose. She came to visit the doctors of University Veterinary Care Center for a check up and bloodwork to verify her gender.



Ka the 11ft long Reticulated Python

We had a Jungle Book character come and visit the clinic! It was quite the spectacle; she came in a large rolling Rubbermaid tote. Kaa is approximately 11ft long and 40 pounds.