3 Toys for Destructive Dogs Tested by A Staff Member Pet

January 21, 2020



Does your dog destroy their toys? Well, ours do too, so we had Willow test out some of the toughest toys to help you when deciding on your pet's next toy. Willow is our Practice Manager, Lynnea's dog and for years she has searched for some heavy-duty toys that can withstand Willow's powerful jaws. Let's just say a cute fluffy stuffed animal didn't last more than a few minutes in her house. She visited her local Petco and picked out three Kong brand toys because of the companies claims specifically addressing destructive behaviors. Here are Willow's test results and Lynnea's opinions about each toy:



1) Kong Wubba

Price: $11.99

Time of play it withstood: 1 hour


This toy seemed to be Willows's favorite. She immediately chose this toy out of the three when lined up before her. Unfortunately, the squeaker didn't last more than an hour and the seams have already begun to fray. I would say for the price of the toy and how long it lasts Willow will have to find a new favorite toy in the future. 


2) Kong DuraMax Ball

Price: $6.99

Time of play it withstood: 1 week


This is Willow's second favorite toy which surprised me because she loves playing catch in the backyard. It takes a good deal of pressure to make the ball squeak, and boy does it squeak. It's a very loud ball and unlike a regular squeaky ball, it didn't break immediately. This is good for Willow but near the end, I was just hoping that squeaker would pop! So if you can tune out some loud noise I highly suggest this toy for your destructive dog. 


3) Kong Crackle Squeezz Bone

Price: $8.99

Hours of play it withstood: 1 month


This toy was Willow's least favorite out of the three but my favorite. So far it has yet to be destroyed and it also makes very little noise. Willow would take the bone into her kennel

and just chew on it. It makes a crinkling noise similar to a plastic water bottle. It's not as loud as the ball but even so, she seems to enjoy it. I will be getting this toy again in the future.




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