Don't panic!!! Our Fear Free super-assistant is here to help!

December 8, 2017

Congratulations to Rose at University Veterinary Care Center for being our first certified fear free professional. She worked long and hard to obtain this certification and she is very excited to implement fear free strategies in an effort to make your pets next visit to the clinic a happy one. 


So what is Fear Free you ask, well simply put it is a collection of methods used by veterinary professionals to reduce an animals overall fear and anxiety while visiting a veterinary clinic. 

The veterinary community has recognized a need to reduce the fear many pets may experience while at their vets office. The Fear Free movement is an accumulation of knowledge, experience, and research aimed at improving the patient experience. 



The fear free website defines some simple ways in which the next visit to your veterinarian can become a more positive one if fear free practices are implemented.     


Waiting rooms can be terrifying if your a small kitten nose to nose with a large dog, but by reducing wait times and having species specific waiting rooms (when possible) veterinary practices can eliminate some of your pets anxiety. 


Playing on your pets sense of taste, touch and smell, veterinary clinics can also go a long way in calming frightened patients. This is commonly done by giving an animal a non slip surface to stand on, plenty of tasty treats to eat, and pheromone or odor air cleansing methods to freshen the environment. 


These are only a few of the ways a veterinary hospital or clinic may help reduce the fear among  their patients. If you would like to learn more please don't be afraid to ask our veterinary staff during your next visit or check out the Fear Free website.  


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