What Is Chiropractic Therapy?

Animal chiropractic is a drug free approach to animal health care, that deals with restoring the nervous system to optimal health and function.

In the simplest terms, animal chiropractic is the application of various human chiropractic techniques and philosophies to the non-human species.

More specifically, animal chiropractic involves evaluation of the functional motion of the individual bones of the spine (vertebrae) followed by treatments called adjustments. These adjustments are done in order to improve movement of the spinal column, to improve function of the enclosed spinal cord and spinal nerves.

The brain and spinal cord coordinate signals through the nerves, going to and coming from every organ and structure in the body.

By maintaining normal motion of the spine, chiropractic care helps optimize function of the nervous system and consequently the health of the remainder of the body.

Who Is The Chiropractor?

Dr. Travis Gratton has been providing animal chiropractic care to companion animals in northeastern Kansas since the early 2000's.

After completing 200 hours of training courses through Options for Animal College of Animal Chiropractic in 1999 and 2000, he passed the certification exams of the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association (AVCA).

His certificate number is #469, making him one of the first 500 certified veterinarians or chiropractors in the world.

Dr. Gratton remains the only animal chiropractor in the Topeka area that has passed and maintained certification by the AVCA.

In 2008, Dr. Gratton joined the staff of Options for Animals, as an instructor and lecturer, teaching veterinarians and chiropractors from around the world the skills required to provide effective and safe chiropractic care to animals.


Why Choose Chiropractic?

Animal chiropractic is an alternative health care option that is based on removing impediments to the body’s innate ability to heal, by releasing areas of restricted movement in the spine.

Some of the more common indications for pets to receive chiropractic care include:

  • Neck and back pain or disc problems

  • Lameness or changes in movement

  • Decreased mobility or play behavior

  • Muscle spasm or hypersensitivity

  • Event or sports training injuries

  • Post-operative rehabilitation

  • Injuries and trauma

  • Posture or tail carriage problems

  • Urinary, GI, or reproductive problems

  • Issues arising during growth and development periods 

  • Geriatric pets

  • Routine maintenance of health and body function 

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