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Important Forms

Important Forms

Simplifying Your Veterinary Visit

New Client Form

Prior to arriving for your first appointment at University Veterinary Care Center please take a moment to complete our New Client Form. This form will help to provide important information to our staff and doctors at University Veterinary Care Center so that we may be of better service to you and your pets.

New Patient Form

Have you adopted, purchased or become a foster for a new pet? Then our new patient form may be for you. Please fill out to the best of your ability so that we may better serve you and your pet.

Patient Referral Form

This form is stricktly for patients being referred to University Veterinary Care Center by their primary veterinarian. The referring veterinarian's information is required so that we may semlessly transfer medical records and recommendations. This form must be completed in advanced of the patient's appointment.

Information Update

In order to provide comprehensive and individualized care, we require complete and current information. We do our best to maintain our systems at every visit but your help is very much appreciated. This form is for clients who have previously completed a new client form but need to amend said form.

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Surgical Consent

This particular form is for patients undergoing a surgical procedure with sedation and gas anesthesia. Please be sure to read carefully and never hesitate to reach out and ask questions if you are unsure of the content. The form must be filled out to the best of your ability. Present to front desk staff at time of drop off.

Medical Records Release Form

The medical records release form is for clients who have requested thier pet's medical records be emailed, faxed, or mailed to a veterinarian, boarding facility or groomer. Medical records will not be transfered to an outside facility without prior consent from the patient's primary owner.

Photo Release Form

Would you like to have your pet's picture taken and featured on our website, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter account? We absolutely love to share happy pets who come to visit us.