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Important changes to the Loyalty rewards program happening in 2020. 

  1. For every 50 dollars spent in-house 1 loyalty coin will be rewarded.

  2. Invoice amounts will be aggregated, meaning a single invoice not meeting the minimum exchange rate value of $50 will be combined with multiple invoices to meet that minimum over time. This was done in an effort to allow all clients and their pets an opportunity to participate in the loyalty rewards program.

  3. Enrolment into the loyalty rewards program is automatic. No need to sign up or send a request, just sit back and watch the coins roll in. If you would like to unenroll please contact our front desk staff.

  4. Loyalty Rewards Coins must be used during the current calendar year they were earned in. At the start of each new year, Loyalty coin balances will be reset to a balance of zero. Please be sure to use them before they expire. (All coins earned to-date remain valid and may be used until the end of 2020.)

  5. Clients shopping through our online store may also earn Loyalty Rewards coins by emailing (uvcc@universityvetcare.com) or mailing in their receipt. Invoices for online purchases must meet or exceed a 50 dollar minimum and will not be aggregated. 

*Special accommodations may be made on a case by case basis to extend your Loyalty rewards coins beyond the calendar year. Please contact our Practice Manager, Lynnea Clark to make that request.  



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