Physical Examinations

Here at UVCC we offer several types of physical exams based on your pet's current health needs. 

Annual Wellness Examination

Yearly examinations are completed by a doctor, to assess your pet's overall health. This exam often includes annual vaccine boosters, Heartworm testing, and parasite prevention; which is vital to your animal's health and wellness.

Sick Patient Office Call

Just like us, your pet can get sick too! Our doctors are well equipped to assess and address your animal's health issues. 

Technician Appointment

Our Registered Veterinary Technicians are trained to complete several health and medical related tasks. These appointments are for non-medical needs such as, nail trims, Bordetella boosters, and anal gland expressions. If your visit requires a doctor this is not the best appointment option available. 

Exotic Animal Appointment

The doctors at University Veterinary Care Center have decades of experience when treating exotic pets. You can trust your pet will be well taken care of when they visit UVCC.

Emergency Visit

We understand here at University Veterinary Care Center, how terrifying an emergency can be for the entire family. We also understand that emergencies happen very suddenly, so when they do, we are here for you. Emergency walk ins are welcome if no appointments are available, in a timely manner. Please be sure to call first, so that our staff can prepare for your pet's arrival!

Chiropractic Adjustment

This alternative medical treatment can be used as a complimentary therapy to treat several different diseases. Doctor Gratton not only is a licensed animal chiropractor he is also the animal chiropractic instructor at Options for Animals.


Animal Vaccinations

Here at UVCC we can offer personalized vaccinations for your pet's health and lifestyle needs 

Core Vaccines
Vaccine Schedule

What Are Custom Vaccines?

Custom vaccination is becoming an increasingly popular method of preventing over vaccination in pets. Some veterinarians feel that the introduction of unnecessary vaccine antigens, into the pet's body may contribute to immune system diseases or malfunction leading to development of diseases.

Vaccination frequency in pets, should ideally be tailored to the level of immunity needed for each specific disease being vaccinated against. If the level of immunity falls below an adequate level of protection, referred to as a titer, the pet can be vaccinated against that specific disease, thus avoiding the unnecessary introduction of antigenic stimulants to the immune system. 

Although Rabies titers can be measured, public health regulations require vaccination for this disease regardless of proof of protective antibody levels, in either dogs or cats.

How are pets tested for adequate protections?

The titer is measured by taking a blood sample and measuring the level of protection, in the animal at that time. The testing is done by submitting the blood to the diagnostic lab, and results on the titers usually returns within 7 days.


Veterinary Lab Work 

Much of our blood work is done in-house on Idexx Laboratory machines and results are available within minutes. 

We have a complete in-house Idexx Suite which includes; a Catalyst Blood Chemistry machine and a ProCyte machine for rapid blood analysis. 

ProCyte Idexx Machine 

Comprehensive results, including an advanced five-part white blood cell differential, absolute reticulocyte count, presence of band neutrophils and nucleated red blood cells (nRBCs) as well as body fluid analysis.

Catalyst Idexx Machine 

This machine runs blood samples that analyze blood chemistry values. A chemistry evaluates the function and health of multiple organ systems, within your pet. 


Wellness Plans

Ask us about our new plans!

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