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5 Reasons To Adopt Your Next Pet

September 21, 2020
5 Reasons To Adopt Your Next Pet

You are providing a home for an animal in need

When you adopt, it’s not just a loving home you are providing these animals. You are also helping to solve a much larger issue. Every year millions of pets are euthanized due to overpopulation and not enough homes to go around. Shelters do their best to correct the overpopulation issue by spaying/neutering the animals that are taken in and facilitating adoptions.

You are helping end mass breeding facilities

These faculties may frequently try to disguise themselves as a reputable breeder who supplies the local pet store or sells on craigslist, but that is far from the truth. These animals typically receive minimal to no veterinary care before they are sold to a new owner and are kept in substandard housing.

The only reason these facilities are still around is because people still buy their pets from them - directly or indirectly. By adopting a pet, you are decreasing the profit of the mass breeding facilities and making it harder for them to continue.

Responsible breeders can be hard to find but work the search if adopting in not an option

A responsible breeder is one who makes the health of a pet and their offspring a priority. These breeders will take the time to have their animals medically evaluated, potential genetic risks check, and if necessary not breed an animal due to potential health issue being passed on to their offspring.

Adopting doesn’t mean you lose out on that special breed or species  

If you desire a specific breed for your family pet a responsible breeder is not the only route. There are several breed specific rescues all across the country. The American Kennel Club website has even compiled a list of these rescues by location -  www.akc.org/akc-rescue-network/   

Want to skip that exhausting puppy stage – Adult pets need love too

Typically, the older the pet is the less likely they are to be adopted. And if you have ever cared for a puppy or kitten you know just how messy and exhausting it can be. Well the good news is, that by adopting an adult animal you may be able to skip most of this stage entirely. If having a puppy isn’t the most important thing to you, then adopt that adult dog or cat who desperately wants to become a part of your family!

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