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Heartworm Disease It Only Takes One Bite

September 30, 2020
Heartworm Disease It Only Takes One Bite

Heartworm Disease Prevention: Mosquito Season is All Year Long

Imagine your dog confined to a small crate or kennel night and day for four months or more: no longer able to jump, run or even play. Imagine costly—and painful—treatment necessary to kill the dangerous heartworms infecting your dog’s body. These could be the consequences of just one mosquito bite. And, they could have been avoided with 2 injections of heartworm preventative a year.

Anytime is Mosquito Time

The American Heartworm Society (AHS) reports that “with unpredictable weather patterns and the ability of hardy mosquitoes to survive in protected areas—as well as indoors—it’s difficult to predict when heartworms aren’t in season. And, once bitten, symptoms often don’t become apparent until a dog is seriously ill—and some dogs never exhibit symptoms before the disease is too far along to treat.” That’s why the AHS recommends year-round heartworm protection for all dogs.

Not All Dogs Take Their Medicine

You may think your dog is protected. However, a recent Harris Poll found that of the dog owners surveyed who provide a monthly oral heartworm disease preventative to their dogs, nearly one quarter (23 percent) say their dogs do not always eat the entire tablet. Of those owners, 20 percent reported finding unswallowed pills on the floor. 1

We Have a Safe and Easy Solution

Now is the best time to talk with us about a safe, easy and convenient way to protect your dog from heartworm disease with just two doses a year. We offer an injectable solution—so your best friend is protected from heartworm disease—and you’ll never have to worry about remembering to give a monthly preventative again.

Double Defense heartworm protocol

Double Your Heartworm Defense!  

Here at University Veterinary Care Center we offer something called Heartworm Double Defense. This describes our use of  both heartworm prevention(Sentinel) and a topical flea, tick, and mosquito repellent(Vectra 3D). By using the combination of these two products your pet’s risk for heartworm disease is dramatically decreased

Call us today at (785)233-3185 to make your appointment and enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your dog is protected from deadly heartworm disease all year round with just two doses a year!

1Zoetis Data on File. Harris Poll of 784 U.S. dog owners. February 2015.

©2015 Zoetis Inc. All rights reserved.  September 2015. PRO-00076A

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