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Exotic Animal Medicine

Exotic Animal Medicine

Exotic Animal Veterinary Care

The veterinarians who provide wellness and specialized care in our clinic are experienced in working with a wide range of species including rabbits, rodents, reptiles, birds and many other animals. We are proud of our 30 years of excellent exotic patient care experience. You can rest assured that our dedicated team has the expertise and latest technologies to treat your unique pet. 

From birds and rabbits to rodents and reptiles, our exotic animal veterinarians provide a variety of services on a non-referral or referral basis, including:


  • Annual wellness visits and new pet exams
  • Diet, husbandry and behavioral consultations
  • Routine, specialty and emergency care
  • Wing, beak, and nail trims
  • Leg band removals


  • The safest sedation, anesthesia and analgesia protocols
  • Diagnostic imaging 
  • Hospitalization and intensive care
  • Dental care and teeth trimming
  • Beak corrections
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Routine Wellness Care

Routine wellness and preventative care are provided on an annual basis for all patients of University Veterinary Care Center to maintain the patient's health as a whole. This can include; yearly physical examinations, vaccine boosters or titers, bloodwork, parasite checks, and dispensing of parasite preventative medication.

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Rehabilitation and regenerative medicine is a passion of ours here at University Veterinary Care Center. We believe by offering physical therapy, animal chiropractic, and cold laser as additional integrative treatment options, a pet's health outcomes improve.

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Critical Care

We offer several critical care and emergency related services for current patients regardless of species. Our doctors remain on-call for current patients seen within the past 12 months experiencing after-hours emergencies.

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