About UVCC's Stem Cell Service 

What Is Stem Cell Therapy And What Does It Treat?

We offer the most cutting-edge technology available today for the treatment and prevention of arthritis, muscle, tendon, and bone injury using MediVets' Adipose Stem Cell Technology. 

Numerous other conditions including; immune mediated disease, kidney failure, spinal cord degeneration. Benefits for heart and lung conditions are being actively researched. 

Adipose Stem Cell Therapy is a state-of-the-art method for treating:

  • Hip dysplasia

  • Degeneration or injury to ligaments, tendons, muscles or bones.

  • Helps to increase the speed of recovery and prevent arthritis  formation after surgery.

  • Osteoarthritis - including cartilage damage

  • Skin diseases - including atopy and severe allergies

  • Autoimmune diseases in both dogs and cats

  • Chronic kidney failure especially in cats

  • Cognitive dysfunction (Canine Alzheimer's Disease)

In November 2010, we were the first veterinary practice in the state of Kansas to use in-house adipose stem cell therapy to reduce pain and increase mobility in pets.  

Working exclusively with MediVet-America we have perfected their in-house stem cell processing to allow us to get the greatest number of stem cells from each animal.  

We have done over 70 adipose stem cell procedures in dogs and cats with greater than 90% success in returning function to treated animals.

In 2012,we started working cooperatively with equine veterinarians to enhance this technology for dogs and cats with acute or chronic injuries and arthritis with spectacular results.

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